Rose Court (Whitechapel District) / Portobello Road (Notting Hill District)

Barnett Home (Whitechapel District)

The London Eye #1 / The London Eye #2

Hayward gallery #1 (South London District) / Atma & Enna street paint (Whitechapel District)

Red Buses and taxis on Regent street (West End District) / the red bus at night

Brushfield street #1 (Whitechapel District) / Brushfield street #2 (Whitechapel District)

Camden street stores (Camden District) / Wentworth Street stores (Whitechapel District)

Battersea Power Station (Nine Elms District) / Gard on Queen palace (Victoria District)

Stanley Ley - Middlesex Street (Whitechapel District)

Camden Street (Camden District)

Mick & Keith at Stables market (Camden District) / Eating on Vespa (Camden District)

4 London panoramics

Omega textiles (Whitechapel District) / Bricklane #1 (Whitechapel District)

Bricklane #2 (Whitechapel District) / A. Gold Traditional foods of Britain (Whitechapel District)

a Yuppie smokes a cigaret (City of London) / Waiting on Kingly Court (West End District)

Wentworth street - Petticoat Lane Market (Whitechapel District)

Regent street red bus on B&W image (West End District) / The Colonies pub (Victoria District)

Lloyds Building #1 (City of London) / The St Mary Axe building #1 (City of London)

Sneakers from Camden (Camden District)

Robbi's Off Licence (Whitechapel District)

Hayward gallery #2 (South London District)

Jimi, The Stones, John and Kurt (Camden District)

Stickers of Bricklane (Whitechapel District)

Bricklane (Whitechapel District) / Bureau de Change (Whitechapel District)

Nido’s flagship Spitalfields residence "Under consrtruction" (Whitechapel District) / The Empress State Building (Earl's Court District)

No Dumping on Leyden Street (Whitechapel District)

Size ? Carnaby Street (Soho District)/ Street stairs

Lily street #1 (Earl's Court District) / Lily street #2 (Earl's Court District)

Bricklane #3 (Whitechapel District) / The St Mary Axe building #2 (City of London)

Piccadilly Circus #1 (West End District) / Piccadilly Circus #2 (West End District)

Sexy & Gothic Camden street (Camden District)

Teeshirts at the Camden street market (Camden District) / Marylin, Robbie and more... at Stables market (Camden District)

Lily street #3 (Earl's Court District) / Lily street #4 (Earl's Court District)

I. Paul E. Ltd. (Whitechapel District) / 29 Hanbury street (Whitechapel District)

Mix food and wine (Earl's Court District)

Amy Winehouse street art (Camden District)